Published by Jonathon Swift Friday 15 June, 2018

EuroFIT has changed Mike's life!

Blackburn Rovers season ticket holder Mike Graham believes the Community Trust’s EuroFIT programme will help put years on people’s lives!

Mike has been a regular participant on the 12-week healthy lifestyle programme, which was introduced by the Trust earlier this year, in partnership with Blackburn with Darwen Council.

Targeted towards males aged between 30-65, the aim of the project was to increase the participants physical activity levels, encourage healthy eating and ultimately spend less time sitting down and more time being active.

The results were extremely positive, with the group losing a considerable amount of weight collectively, with Mike joking he now fits in his shorts just in time for summer.

“I feel so much healthier, I have continued to lose weight but now I can put my shorts on for the first time in a while,” he said.

“I have lost the equivalent to 16 bags of sugar so EuroFIT has certainly worked for me! I saw the programme advertised on Twitter and it appealed to me straight away as I have been a Blackburn Rovers supporter for 54 years.

“The programme has been a challenge and it has helped me focus on my diet and fitness. It has been all about taking small steps, because quite often by taking too much on, there is a tendency to give up after a few weeks.

“The programme was super and the staff at Blackburn Rovers Community Trust worked really hard to make sure the sessions were fun. We had a wide range of people continuously attending and it has helped not only change people’s lives but add a few years on to their lives.”

The 60-year-old and his fellow EuroFIT participants have all formed strong friendships away from the programme and now play football once a week at the Indoor Centre at Ewood Park, alongside having a Facebook and WhatsApp group.

Mike explained: “I set up two groups, so we can all communicate and encourage each other to keep active and lose weight. We compete against each other and use that as motivation to see who would do the most steps in one day for example.

“We have now booked a regular weekly spot at the Indoor Centre to play football and it is helping to keep everyone active.

“Personally, after the EuroFIT experience, I feel so much better. I go out walking every morning now at 7am and I look forward to exercising and eating well. Not only has the programme helped me physically, it has helped me mentally too.”

To watch the video interview in full with Mike, please CLICK HERE.

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