NCS (National Citizen Service)

National Citizen Service (NCS) is the fastest growing youth movement since the Scouts began and 2019 will be another ground breaking year for the programme.

More than 500,000 young people have now taken part in NCS, with nine out of ten of those saying they would recommend it to others and that they found it a worthwhile experience.

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Blackburn Rovers Community Trust are part of the national movement of NCS, which has had a huge impact on young people and communities with over seven million hours of social action having taken place since 2013.

Not only that, NCS has proven to be a valuable tool for participants to build their confidence and gain social skills for the next steps in life. The statistics have shown that seven out of ten graduates feel more confident about finding a job and eight out of ten have kept in contact with people they have met on NCS.

NCS has proven to have a positive impact on young people’s lives, so keep on reading to find out exactly what the programme is all about.

NCS In 2019

The NCS schedule for 2019 is one that will bring thrills, excitement and the opportunity to learn new skills. The question now remains, what is on the agenda?

Week One - Monday 15th - Friday 19th July
Adventure - Culmington Manor, Shropshire

The first week will give all the students a real taste to what the NCS programme is all about. We begin the programme with a week-long trip to the stunning Culmington Manor in Shropshire, just two hours by coach from Ewood Park. There will be a wide range of exciting tasks to enjoy and challenge yourself, including mountain biking, rock climbing, high ropes and water sports. All meals, accommodation and transport will be provided for the week.

Week Two – Monday 22nd – Friday 26th July
Discovery – University of Cumbria, Lancaster

The second week will see the students head north to the University of Cumbria in Lancaster for another residential stay, this time focused around learning important life skills. Students will attend a variety of fun and practical workshops, including first aid, self-defence, budgeting and how to prepare for life after education. All meals, transport and accommodation will be provided for the week.

Week Three – Monday 29th July – Friday 2nd August
Social Action Planning – Ewood Park, Blackburn

A return to Ewood Park is on the cards for the third week for Social Action Planning. The NCS group will come together at the home of Blackburn Rovers to put a plan of action together for a campaign which will make a positive impact on the local community.

Week Four – Monday 5th – Friday 9th August
Social Action Delivery – Ewood Park, Blackburn

On selected days throughout the highly-rewarding final week, students will put all of their planning from week three into place and deliver their idea to benefit the local community. For example, in previous years, students have raised money for numerous charities including Free Project, Creative Support and East Lancashire Hospice.

Week Five – Monday 12th August (5.30pm - 9.30pm)
Celebration – Ewood Park, Blackburn

It's time to celebrate with the 'graduation' ceremony, highlighting all the good work that has been done over the past month.

NCS Helps Improve...

  • Boosts your CV, giving that extra edge for jobs, university and life
  • Lifelong skills, lifelong memories
  • Make a difference in your community

What NCS graduates have said...

Blackburn Rovers Community Trust has had some excellent feedback from NCS graduates from previous programmes. Here is what a few of them have had to say...

  • It was one of the best experiences of my life
  • There was brilliant support from all staff and leaders. I made some lifelong friends and the staff were amazing
  • It is a very a good programme and I had the chance to meet a lot of new people. I experienced a number of different things that I wouldn’t have been able to in everyday life
  • For one of the tasks we went climbing through a stream and it was freezing cold but we all loved it. It is something I would never do but it is completely worth it
  • It was brilliant and I wish the experience could have been longer

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  • I rate the programme 10/10 because we always had something to do. The staff were lovely and they all encouraged you to try your best and never give up
  • I enjoyed NCS miles more than I expected and I wish I could do it again
  • Everything about NCS is perfect
  • I give the programme top marks because of the skills I have developed whilst on NCS. I made some new friends and I also became a lot closer with the friends I already had who signed up for the programme. NCS has given me confidence and some great memories and I want other people to experience that too
  • NCS has given me a lot of confidence and I made a lot of new friends. It has changed my life and it has shown me that I can do anything if I put my mind to it

Even students’ parents have had positive things to say about the programme...

  • My son had the most amazing time and met some lovely people. He has made new friends and is looking forward to volunteering to help this year. He has recommended his sister and his other friends take part in the NCS programme at Blackburn Rovers Community Trust

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