Even more local children can 'move and learn'!

Blackburn Rovers Community Trust, Ferrero and the EFL Trust are embarking on the third year of their partnership to deliver a primary schools programme in Lancashire that encourages children to take part in physical activity, while helping them to understand the importance of a balanced diet and an active lifestyle.

The +Sport Move and Learn Project is part of Ferrero’s global Kinder + Sport initiative designed to encourage active lifestyles and has already reached over 15m children around the world. To date, the programme has been delivered locally in 120 schools, with 3,600 children impacted. To build on this success, this year a further 60 schools and 1,800 children will be reached.

Over the course of six weeks, children from Year 5 classes spend 45 minutes in the classroom learning about the body, nutrition and the importance of exercise, through participating in interactive activities. The second half of the 90 minute session is dedicated to playing football, dodgeball or handball, with two weeks spent on each sport.

The first schools taking part this year are Brookhouse, Holy Souls, St Leonards of Langho, Griffin Park, St Marys of Sabden, St Aidens, St James, Holy Trinity of Darwen, St Cuthberts of Darwen and St Peters of Darwen.

Blackburn Rovers Community Trust's assistant sports development officer Chris Pettigrew is a huge supporter of the Kinder + Sport Move and Learn Project, saying:

“It’s vital that we educate children from a young age on a balanced diet and encourage an active lifestyle. The Kinder +Sport Move and Learn Project is a really fun and interactive project engaging thousands of children each year.

"I’m extremely proud to be able to support such an important programme.”

A spokesperson from Ferrero said:

“Since piloting the Kinder + Sport initiative in the UK three years ago, we have moved over 100,000 children as a result. Active children are more likely to grow into active adults, so we are passionate about inspiring future generations in communities across the UK to get active and live well.

"The EFL Trust is the perfect partner; football clubs are at the heart of their communities and engage and inspire people from all generations – and this is exactly what we want to do with Kinder + Sport in the UK.”

Mike Evans, Director of Operations at the EFL Trust said:

“We’ve been working with Ferrero for three years now and seeing the programme go from strength to strength is incredible.

"The power of sport and the club badge allows our network of community trusts to deliver key messages, such as tackling obesity, to reach out to the wider community. This investment in helping to get future generations living well is invaluable and we look forward to continuing to work with Ferrero and our own network."

If you would like your school to partake in ‘Kinder +Sport Move and Learn’ - which is free - please contact Chris Pettigrew on 01254 508126 or email chris.pettigrew@brfctrust.co.uk.

About Kinder +Sport

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