Jack's Walkers & Tea Dance

Jack’s Walkers meet every Tuesday at 10am in the reception area of the Bryan Douglas Darwen End Stand, ahead of a one hour walk around the perimeter of the hallowed Ewood Park turf.

The walk is stewarded for increased safety within an already gated but outdoor area, is accommodating for all paces. A wet weather contingency sees the concourse areas available for a sheltered stroll if conditions outdoors aren't the most pleasant.

After our walk is over, we have a sit down and a brew indoors. The group is friendly and sociable - so much so, that they even meet for a Christmas party!

These weekly sessions are completely free of charge, thanks to Sport England funding via the Motivate! campaign.

Contact Information

For more information, please contact Jennifer Calvert on 01254 508256 or at jennifer.calvert@brfctrust.co.uk

Where to find us