Heart Of The Game

Children’s health in Blackburn is benefitting thanks to Heart of the Game.

Blackburn Rovers Community Trust has been awarded £10,000 to renew the year-long project that aims to educate local children about the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.

The Healthy Heart grant from national charity Heart Research UK will be spent inviting year five and six classes from local primary schools to attend a two-day programme at the educational department at Ewood Park – helping children to live healthier happier and longer lives.

The programme, rolling out from early 2016 after a positive start in 2015, will provide youngsters with valuable knowledge to improve lifestyle choices and help the younger generation to understand the importance of heart health.

This will be achieved by both educational and practical activities including an interactive presentation on the role of the heart, 3D heart rate monitoring, designing a healthy meal for a professional footballer, first aid training and heart health quizzes and games.

Pupils from schools will also be offered the chance to create a heart health green-screen DVD which will then be played to other children at each school and passed on to friends and family – intending to increase the reach of the healthy heart message.

David Dunwell, who will be part of the delivery team for 'Heart of the Game' at BRCT, said:

"We are delighted to be given the chance to deliver this scheme in 2016 and further the good work that we have already achieved with a variety of local schools during the first run of a project like this last year.

We are uniquely placed to use the influence of footballers to appeal to youngsters in a different fashion and help them to understand how to make the right choices in life. Our aim is to ensure that using their heroes to advise them about the merits of a healthy lifestyle, these children will heed that advice and live in a fashion that benefits both them and the wider society in generations to come."

Heart Research UK National Director, Barbara Harpham, said:

“One of the aims of our Healthy Heart Grant scheme is to help young people to improve their heart health and the Blackburn Rovers project is aiming to do just that. Getting children to understand all about healthy lifestyles is a great way to ensure that these good habits last them for a lifetime.”

For more information, please contact Danny McGregor via danny.mcgregor@brfctrust.co.uk

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